Virtual keyboard for a language school

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Hi there.


I'm in South East Asia just now. Not working out here, but here to help someone ...


I attend a langage school here, and although there are nicely printed standard exercise books handed out, I noticed that all the teachers use a different way of presenting custom exercises / tests etc. Sometimes certain characters are hand written, sometimes in a different typeface etc.


I asked my teacher why it was and she showed me her system. Although she can write in either Thai or English by simply swapping the keyboard, the tones for the transliteration were not available. I saw that they were available per internet, but that meant swapping programmes, copy/paste then formatting etc. For that reason most of the teachers simply do it per hand.


I wanted to use some of the new FM14 stuff properly (mainly the button bars) so I ended up building a small database.


It offers the following:

A virtual keyboard - which offers the Thai tones for usage in transliteration. It inserts the selected tone character where needed.

It's a database - so it stores her work, as opposed to having [n] amount of files lying around in the Documents folder.

I also gave her a button which she can press and have a Word document created...(using XML / stylesheet)


I created a Runtime for her.


She was extremely happy with the product, simple as it is.


I would not usually do pro-bono work, but found that they do a very good job, for not too much money, using antiquated systems. As she is also a very decent person, polite, kind etc - and I thought it would be worthwhile to reward such nice people.


Kindest regards