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Throughout the year, 360Works volunteers their FileMaker development and consultant skills to support the Roswell Dance Theatre, a local (Atlanta) non-profit 501c3 corporation who serves the local area as a performance company as a division of Tolbert Yilmaz School of Dance. The division includes 40 pre-professional dancers and a total of 100 company dancers who dance 20-30 hours a week in addition to their academic studies. For over 30 years their outreach program has provided scholarships to those skilled dancers unable to afford a dance education as well as serve many local charity organizations through special performances.


The Roswell Dance Theatre has given 100% of their proceeds from their annual “HUGS” production to such charities as Butterflies for Ellie/Debra of America, STAR House Foundation, and Hands of Love.  In 2015, their HUGS performance focused on Butterfly Wishes for Ellie where they raised over $8,000 for children born with critical birth defects.During the holidays, the Roswell Dance Theatre families volunteer their time and money to underprivileged citizens of Coalmont, TN, where the steel and coal mines have gone under in the town and the nearest shopping area is 24 miles away. The people residing in this town ask for nothing more than essentials and this is where the Roswell School of Dance aims to help. However, with doing so much for the community, much of the workflow needed to support their production of The Nutcracker was bogged down with tons of paper and lost communication. Jesse and Lisa Barnum of 360Works saw a need and used the power of technology and FileMaker to develop solutions to organize the volunteers and initiatives of the Roswell Dance Theatre.


Before 360Works stepped in, most of the information for volunteer scheduling and communication documents were recorded and maintained on a large amount of papers, clipboards, and a few isolated files.


These events are now tracked and well maintained, all from FileMaker and WebDirect has been a tremendous technology-- making the information accessible to everyone. With help from 360Works, the Roswell Dance Theatre is able to:


  • Use a backend database for over 500 dancers families for accurate communication
  • Stay connected with an intranet website with a calendar, dancer directory, integrated maps, and important forms and letters
  • Use WebDirect so all individuals can access information, even if they do not have FileMaker
  • Support 35 people simultaneously on FileMaker Server
  • Have an additional separate database for volunteer tracking of over 450 volunteer slots (all built in FileMaker with pertinent fields, web based layout, uses scripts to send email using 360Works CloudMail for blasts, exports to excel)


The FileMaker platform provides great customization to organization needs. A good example of this is with the volunteer database for the Roswell Dance Theatre. It was originally attempted on SignUpGenius but this platform was too rigid as it does not allow multiple dates, locations, or times for one event. With FileMaker, 360Works was able to create a customized volunteer database that supports the organization of multiple events, shows what tasks and times volunteers signed up for, sends reminders, and shows what slots are open where help is still needed.


Happy holidays to the FileMaker Community from 360Works!