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Discussion created by keenatomko on Dec 19, 2015
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My first independent project was for a non-profit group that distributes clothes and gifts to disadvantaged children in Northeast Ohio.   The head of  the organization spent hours every year tracking children, donations, sponsors and distributions, and most of the essential processes were only in her head. 


The first version tracked the children and attached the sponsors.  The schema was simple and the layouts colorful (lots of jack in the box, rag doll and Christmas trees as buttons because they make me happy).   I devote some time every November adding more processes and updating my novice strategies.  This year we launched a new client sign-in process using WebDirect, which saved the volunteers the time of keying in data for a couple hundred clients.


As my consultancy gets established, I want to add more pro bono clients, but this one will always be dear to my heart.  There was a time when my first husband was ill and my kids were on the receiving end of similar programs, so I'm grateful for the chance to give back.