KY Association of School Councils

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     This is a non-profit that helps School Leadership through PTAs, SBDMs (school based decision making) and Principals' interaction. The FileMaker database has contacts, but also has trainings and membership meetings. Contacts can be "members" of many "groups", and emailed newsletters can be sent to these groups.

     The database training calendar is uploaded to a Word Press website (as tab-delimited text). The Events are tracked with registrations, printing labels and follow up evaluations all from FileMaker.

     They receive data from the state on school scores and other valuable information the schools can use. This is in raw Excel (.csv) and must be "pushed" into another pre-formatted Excel Workbook (many sheets with charts). There is no direct way to bring in the data needed, so FileMaker is used to import the raw data, manipulated for each school, pushed to the final workbook (via .mer export from FileMaker) and printed as pdf. This cannot be fully automated, but it saves so much time and gives a very usual document for each school.


Beverly Voth