Meme War for the Holidaze, 2018

Blog Post created by eric on Nov 1, 2018

Welcome, soldiers, to the First Annual FileMaker Community Meme War for the Holidays.


declare-a-meme-war-memagonerator-net-XVufu.jpgWhereas FMI has called for a unilateral ceasefire on the IWH front till January, 2019, and yet Hype forces continue their attacks on Innovative Development.

Whereas meme warfare has proven to be a fair and effective tactic against Hype, if not more so than conventional advertising.

Whereas the 2018 holiday season is beginning this November of 2018. Therefore be it

Resolved by the People’s Militia of The FileMaker Community,

That the state of war against our mercenary and citizen developers with the Imperial forces of Hype which has thus been thrust upon developers and workplaces alike is hereby formally declared; and the People’s Militia of the FileMaker Community are hereby authorized and directed to employ the entire image and animated forces of the Internet and the resources of the Community to carry on war against the Imperial Forces of Hype, until such time as FMI resumes strategic operations on the IWH front after the holiday season.


images.jpegI will initiate the first volley in the hope that others better armed will follow suit. Please feel free to vote for your favorites with Like or with Helpful if you would actually share the meme to make a point. By the way, if you add a little descriptive text to your meme post, it makes it searchable and thus more readily reusable.


In addition to standard civilian meme resources, I think images and short clips from the “Innovation Without the Hype” series could make some useful memes on any topic related to FileMaker, workplace innovation, custom app development, databases, and other related topics. If you liked FileMaker’s “Innovation Without the Hype” video series, here’s your chance to do homage. If you didn’t like the video series, here’s your chance to do better.


Let’s see whether this community meme mobilization turns out to be a mere skirmish or total war.

Keep it clean and, please, no purposeful friendly fire.