DIGFM: Being an Optimist in a Pessimistic World! +Inspector 7.0 (12/13/2018; Santa Clara, CA)

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Meetup In-Person Event @ FileMaker, Inc. 5201 Patrick Henry Dr, Santa Clara, CA 95054Online Event @ at 7pm

Thursday, December 13, 2018
2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m (1:30 to socialize)
Santa Clara, California, U.S.A


Being an Optimist in a Pessimistic World! — If you don’t know which method FileMaker uses for record locking, optimistic vs. pessimistic, then you’ll find out during this talk. I’ll share my journey into how I became an optimistic database architect. What are the critical things be aware of when allowing FileMaker to work with optimistic record locking? We’ll look at security considerations when using this approach and architecture for building solutions for maximum performance while maintaining data accuracy and reliability.


  • Understand how optimistic and pessimistic record locking work, and which method FileMaker uses
  • Security best practices
  • Scripting best practices
  • Calculation strategies to help you maximize performance


velocimeter-99391bf8dc23112ce69976cc4ce13b174d44dc70bb448130d1ae368ecbeb96dd.pngInspectorPro 7.0 — Get a peek at what we have been working on in the InspectorPro laboratory and how it can help you and your team build the best FileMaker solutions. InspectorPro offers new ways of collaborating with other members of your project team via FileMaker Server and third-party integrations. Whether you develop alone, or as part of a team, InspectorPro lets you analyze your solutions using PDoS (Process DDR on Server) for fast results. InspectorPro’s mission is to be the most comprehensive tool that exists to debug and troubleshoot your FileMaker apps.


About the Speaker vince.menanno:


I grew up in Montreal and when I was running my own chime business I decided to use FileMaker to help me run it. It was a fun time to be learning and even helping others with building FileMaker solutions. Since that time a great deal transpired. I ended up closing my chime making business and went down the route of consulting and helping many individuals and companies build FileMaker solutions.


One of the first companies to offer FileMaker plug-ins and a developer oriented tool. I continue to write and support InspectorPro. For the last 14 plus years I have been grateful to be at Beezwax where there is a talented and diverse team.


I have spoken at many FileMaker Developer Conferences, FM Conférence, CQDF, and many FileMaker User Groups.


In addition to my work as Director of FileMaker Development at Beezwax, I have been spending more time with Tableau. I am a big fan of using tools like D3 to build interactive data visualizations.


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In-Person Event @ FileMaker, Inc. 5201 Patrick Henry Dr, Santa Clara, CA 95054FileMaker Auditorium

5201 Patrick Henry Dr.

Santa Clara, CA 95054


Online Event @ at 7pmJoin DIGFM online at 2pm


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The recording is available here with transcript:
DIGFM: Being an Optimist in a Pessimistic World! +Inspector 7.0 (12/13/2018; Video)

DIGFM: Being an Optimist in a Pessimistic World! +Inspector 7.0 (12/13/2018; Santa Clara, CA) - YouTube