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Hello! I am building a database and came up this little problem can help. The identification number is composed of 9 digits, the first 8 digits being in series and the last one is digit check based on the algorithm of Luth, that is, instead of confirming and manually entering the identification number, there would be no a calculation / script that… (Show more)
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Hello, community,   I have a FileMaker solution which uses some tables remotely from MYSQL through the ODBC connection driver.   I have a weird situation with one of the remote tables.    In MySQL, I have customers tables with x number of records. In FileMaker, if I go to the relationship graph and add that remote table (through ODBC), the numbers… (Show more)
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hello everyone, I am currently designing a solution for our staff to check in and out on webdirect, how can I identify each staff's device to avoid them have to login by themselves?   thank you
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In an accounting solution I built a script that from one or more prerecorded operations creates one or more operations (recurring operations). It is therefore sufficient to choose one or more operations and to validate so that this or these operations is added to the current flow (with recalculation of dates for the month, the quarter, the… (Show more)
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Click to view contentI've changed a calculation for the Primary Key such that there's a "fiscal year" and year base on the date the record is created and then a serial number, i.e. PHO-F##-@@@@-$$$$ where PHO-F is constant text, ## is the calculated fiscal, @ is current year and $ is a serial (reset every time Fiscal is renewed) ...however this script doesn't work… (Show more)
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